Art Things Things To Do When Bored #6

Birt 30 okt 2020
Hey guys! I'm back at you with a brand new batch of ideas for fun and easy art and craft things that you can do when bored at home using cheap (except for the chalk markers lol), easily accessible art supplies. I hope you guys enjoy the video and get some ideas for things to do when you are bored!
Be sure to check out the other videos of this series, they include things like customizing and painting things, drawing, art challenges, organization/craft room cleanup, bedazzling, old sketchbooks, stickers, puffy paint (homemade stickers), digital art, color theory, abstract art, aesthetic slime creations, art challenges like the 3 color challenge, blindfolded art, speed drawing, customizing clothing, a DIY body and face paint, faux stained glass room decor using glue, painting challenges, fixing up old stuff, using an instant camera, customizing playing cards, teaching you how to make tissue paper flowers, creating custom labels for craft supply organization and a ton more! Today I'm focusing on a couple more time consuming crafts including making "bean art," DIY chalkboard art, following some tiktok art trends, and making custom graphic t-shirts.
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chalkboard paint:
chalk pens (cheaper version of what I got. wish I had found these sooner!)
DIY avery Iron on transfers:

bean art:

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  • And omg finally i meet somone that hates chalk as much as i do-

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  • So almost 6,000,000 people are bored and looking for something to do

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  • Moriah: I smell marshallows for some reason Me: Eating marshmallows

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  • After a request or aggressive demand, let’s star another: “who wants her to be well rested because she provides content to us every week and deserves basic human respect” copy and paste if you agree 💖

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  • I love the “chalkboard”

  • There is a youtuber called Moriah elezibeth ME who is stealing Moriah elezibeth’s videos this isn’t fair she works hard on her videos please copy and paste so Moriah sees so we can stop Moriah elezibeth Me

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  • Moriah in the title it says “ Art *Things Things* To Do When Bored #6” Please fix that

  • I love the way she edited her saying, "It's a cookie jar!"

  • I like both of the bean art but I agree with you I think pickle is better.☺

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  • You see in part 3 she said i might not have enough ideas for part 6 and here she is

  • What paint do you use

  • Why do you have to be 13+ to send mail?!

  • I ate fire I am sprinkle I eat beanz I like squish Ye

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  • Moriah: turn anything into a chalkboard Me: refrigerator

  • My friends:Trying to teach me cartwheel Me: I can't My friends: Or else you can never watch Moriah Me: Does 5 cartwheels,1 backflip and five back handsprings My friends: Wow that really works!

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