Painting on Seashells

Birt 24 júl 2020
Hey Guys! today I am doing a highly requested video of painting on seashells. I've been seeing these requests pop up a lot since I decorated seashells last summer for the first time. I guess we are doing this every summer then? 😂
Here is last year's video:
This is a really fun and easy summer art project. It can also be really relaxing and perfect for anyone looking for a way to try art therapy. Decorating shells is so calming and therapeutic, especially if you dod the dots and patterns sort of style. Posca paint pens are perfect for that by the way!

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  • I want to see the part 3 moriah

  • All I have to say is GEOORIGIE!


  • I am going to try to make one for my aunt

  • This is creeping me out, what I just noticed. The way she says GEORGIE! Is the EXACT way that Penywise the clown says "Georgie" in the movie "It". \................... Im scared

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  • ohmygosh paint is FOOD

  • lol i put my dog thats a domation a dragon fruit costumee for last hallowen

  • I actually have like 1 or 2 plastic bags of shell, I either want to paint them or make them chimes or decorations in the future. Thanks for inspiring me TuT

  • Moriah's words: paint anything red and throw some green on me be like:👁👄👁

  • Ok everyone, we need to remind Moriah to start painting squishes she has saved for Easter. She told us to remind her about it a month in advance, copy and paste so she can see. This is not a request it’s a reminder!

  • 16:21 Either u have already done a dalmation in a dragonfruit or i accidentlly and unkowinglly traveled forward in time for a lil bit

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  • Mariah :times I like to go back and draw or paint them Me:YOU FORGOT WHAT YOUR DOING RN DRAINT!

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  • Her: Rudolph the red tipped con shell Me:🤣🤣🤣

  • Hey you Interested me in painting on seashels

  • i actually kinda like the dragon fruit one

  • Can you please do a squishy makeover on the unfixable ones

  • My dislexic ass looking at the shell at 1:09 thinking it was jiggling like jelly

  • WOW,you are a real artist AMAZING

  • iM nOt a bOy aNd iMa aNnOyEiNg jUsT fYi ;)

  • Do it again a lot

  • nobody: nobody ever: moriah: THIS SHELL IS NOW MY PET

  • i like the inside of the dragon fruit


    • Fruit loops? I have never tried those on cheese pizza. Uh does it taste good?

    • Yes with fruit loops it tastes amazing

  • I liked the dragon fruit. I love trying new things, so a year ago a found dragon fruit at a local shop and got a huge surprise. The inside wasn’t the white I always saw in pictures, but a bright fuchsia pink. Who knew dragon fruit came in more than 1 colour.

  • Give me a like and comment if you love her vids and she should make more☺

  • 1:40 moriah:a hint *holds the shell* Me: Chicken wing?

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  • 2:38 😂can't stop laughing!!!

  • Fun fact I like cheese pizza to

  • What an annoying video, couldn’t finish

  • Fun fact:when u say (fun fact) people most likely read till the end.where do I get my like❤

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  • Sorry for how long this is -,-

  • Hey moriah can I ask you a question?

  • 12:40 this reminds me off a peacock

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  • Moriah we want create this book 2 videos pls If others want copy this comment and comment

  • i like the gEoRgiE shell and i hit the bell buten and the subscribed and thums up buten

  • Just a reminder to paint the Easter themed squishy

  • So one shell looks like Instagram but a ruined design...

  • Is there really anything which she cant paint on 😂

  • The dragon fruit dalmatian should be named deli the dalmatian

  • Should moriah make a custom suitcase

  • Watched this when wearing earphones and the sanding the seashell was awful, my brother looked over and saw it and could imagine what it sounded like so even he cringed.

  • Am I the only one that seen the Bisexual pride flag on the last one (no not the bonus one).Oh just me? Mk-

  • 3:55 *Le sprinkle song*

  • I am your biggest fan

  • I made a learn the alphabet with Moriah pls watch it

  • The people who disliked are the people who hate the Beach.....

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  • Do you know how to. Skate????

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  • God Bless

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  • Hey Maria this is your reminder to do your Easter squishy video

  • Custom a figit toy

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  • Georgie is so cute! My birthday is on 29 nov too

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  • Fun fact: if your comment has the words “fun fact” they will read your comment.

  • Georgie is officially over one year old

  • Yes

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  • I commented you silly goose on insta and it got taken down for bullying :(

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