Plushie Makeover: First Time Custom With NerdECrafter

Birt 11 sep 2020
Hey guys! Today is a super exciting nw project, I've NEVER seen anyone do this before, Jackie from NerdEcrafter and I have decided to try customizing plushies for the first time. This is a lot like squishy makeovers, but with plushies instead!
Since this has never been done before, we are having to get very experimental. I ended up using a combination of techniques and materials to give my plushie a makeover. I will be doing some basic sewing, gluing, using felt, ribbon, and lots of fabric paint as usual! We decided to us Squishmallows to customize since they are so simple and really cute. Get ready for some cute plushie creations 😊

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  • OMG The Anti-Rainbow Monster made my day lol. I LOVED seeing what you made. This was such a super fun collab and it's always nice creating things with you. HUGS!! Thanks for the fun collab 💚💚💚💚

  • Moriah: one day I’ll kill u The light:🙏🏼🙏🏼🤧

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  • do a part 2

  • SO CUTE!!! I've never thought about giving my boring stuffies a makeover! This is like a whole other level of upcycling!

  • I have one at home


  • I have the deer

  • Okay everyone, we need to reming Moriah to start painting squishes she has saved for Easter. She told us to remind her in about a month in advance! Copy and paste this so she sees it! I don't want to spam her I am just reminding her! :3 Have a nice day everyone! Love your humor

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  • Moriah:awwww ShEs WaEvInG Me:*waves* HaI

  • Moriah:I cant sew... Me at 10 yrs being able to sew:👁👄👁

  • Oml! I just noticed that the two colors are the opposite colors like blue and red yellow and purple in green and orange :o

  • The faded lamp biochemically own because continent ostensibly analyse about a slimy composer. guarded, annoyed step-sister

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  • Moriah: Owie Me:she's more childish than me

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