Thrift Store Makeover #9

Birt 22 jan 2021
Hey guys! Today is another pisode from my series Thrift Store Makeovers, where I take a used, worn out item (OR sometimes from yard sales or off of ebay) clean it up, fix it up and decorate it. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. I've definitely missed these thrift flips and I want to do more thrifting soon!
In this episode I am going to be painting on and customizing a mini bubble gum machine. I had so much fun with this and I think it was a really cool and unique item to customize. Hope you like it!

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  • 0:10 mAkeovERrRrr

  • make things to do when ur boered

  • Moriah: here we go it’s the big family reunion and those bits Me: ah yes I know THAT junk in the family reunion 😂

  • Moriah: I’m done with sound effects Me: Yeah right Moriah: makes several more annoying sound effects😤 Me: gUrL 😒😑🙄

  • That price sticker tho

  • Moriah is amazing and i really she is really talentet at art

  • they say if you say your Idols name three times you get pinned. Moriah Elizabeth Moriah Elizabeth Moriah Elizabeth Hope it works!!

  • I looovee your vids but really that chicken scared the hell out of me😂😂😂

  • Samee

  • Omg how is this girl ideas so good eee

  • "it's the Jesso that never ends" that killed me

  • can we all appreciate how talented this woman is- like... :0

  • Start the comment bomb of painting on rubber ducks😀😀😀

  • Why do I want bubblegum now??????

  • 12:41 8 not seven !

  • Love it

  • Gdft

  • Can we get some merch with the puppy in a pumpkin? He’s adorable 🥰

  • Its the jest that never ends

  • Plot twist : the dead skin cells were $6.00 the actual gum ball machine was only $0.99

  • I wonder if she would use it...bc i would love a mini gumball machine

  • Can you please make the Gumball machine a squishy

  • We need took off the lid and everything… Like a fish bowl

  • I think the bubblegums falls in twos and threes because they are a bit too small and supposed to be bigger for the machine. (Sorry for my bad english)

  • 3:03 that is a dirty napkin

  • You should paint a coffee machine

  • Pls do a diamond painting plss

  • moriah: how to work out- me: NO moriah: -what to do me: oh

  • Never stop doing rainbows 🌈 more more I need more 🌈

  • I like how when she looks at her stuff she sees it as something horrible and then I'm here making stuff that is just WONKY 😂

  • Moriah : this Me : pauses video of her hinging it and taking a screen shot

  • If I was drawing on the glass I would probably draw it upside down by accident

  • Reminder: Paint the Easter squishies! I'm going to comment this on every video from now on. COPY AND PASTE TO GET HER TO SEE IT!

  • same she is the best

  • I love your channel

  • I just came from school and today was art but the black outline made me think of my drawing

  • Like what moriah can do is more than I could ever do . 🤓😀😀😀

  • She says her art work is bad. Me what the fudge is wrong with you your not bad

    • Like I’m not even close to doing what she does!

  • Eee

  • Who wants her to paint a whole wall dedicated to one of her characters Copy and paste if you want her to do it

  • Moriah!!! I want this!!! It's so cute!

  • Moriah why don't you start a cartoon based on yoir characters

  • 7:26 u said my name “lucy”

  • I love how it turned out its beatiful

  • Paint the Ester sqiushise! I am like an alarm clok so yeh, i absolutli loved your gum expencer i would love if i had one for decore like that i mean it was so priti!

  • Moriah if you are reading this I love you your characters I have pickle , the create this book 1&2

  • It looks so good I love it 🥰

  • You are so talented funny you make me laugh i wish i could meet you when it rains u make me happy.

  • I love Goodwill

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  • I found a cobweb gotta vacuum that up. Bubblegum = food food = needs to be clean needs to be clean = no animals cobwebs = spiders was there a spider in the bubblegum machine-

  • Rosie aww. 💖🐉

  • You should try and make something without using really colourful colours I guess like really dark shades and stuff.

  • Make a animation series it would be cool.

  • customising a wallclock

  • You should try drawing anime 💜 😎Just to see you suffer😎

  • Hi Moriah! I'm sure you get a lot of comments like this but thought you'd like to hear the positivity anyway :) I have a toddler nephew who watches content farms when on his own with the ISmem app and whenever I am left responsible for him, I always tune in to your channel because the colors and editing appeal to him. He's very in love with your work and while he can't remember your name, he gets very excited to see the "ME" logo and says hi back wanting me to tell you he loves your videos and can't wait for more. This was the most recent one we got to watch together and he was very happy to see the result! Until Friday, stay safe!!!!

  • Why didn’t you add the spray varnish for the second layer

  • U should of named Nelson Frank!


  • Who else loves how she "memes" herself?

  • loved it

  • I feel like Burt (the bored sloth guy) just likes to be *invited* to parties. Just so he can feel involved. U kno?

  • can i have some bubble gum i am not alowed pls can i pls

  • Who else really likes the yellow background? 👀

  • on first i think that. she is the best but know she is the worst bcz in and everything she does rainbow theme

  • The conscious cast rarely part because plastic customarily bore midst a beautiful dinghy. yummy, material good-bye

  • Moriah: 5:15 Me: Hey! Don't ask what's in somebody's hole!

  • The gesso and the color used in this video is GREAT thats what makes her unique

  • Moriah: so let me show you what I got Add: *Its my time to shine*

  • I agree with the gooey price sticker movement

  • Yeah prices should be illegal 😡

  • "Its the gesso that never ends..." ( o = ♢ = o ) ○ ♡ °• ☆ ~* , * ~ ☆

  • Literally every single thing you make I just wanna buy it cuz it just looks so cute

  • The special tool is a very rare kind you can get in every Dollar General and almost every store across the USA

  • Just play it off, you ment to change the background color,if you didn’t say it keeps changing,I would have no idea

  • 💜Yay!!

  • 11:47

  • me right now - after vid ##

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how it while she’s showing the gum it says “Frame not analyzed for stabilization” Just me? .... Ok.

  • Moriah: Is this the first time you've ever wiped up there cause boi you have a dirty gumhole Me: Dirty bumhole Lmao this comment is cursed

  • "mE WaNtS tO tRaCe" ~Moriah Elizabeth 2021

  • Too bad that my country does not allow gum (no offense)

    • Well, maybe the government will not like it... ikr

    • How is that offensive

  • if you add white in between the yellow and green it might be easier to blend

  • Gggg

  • I got a recommendation! Theres a thing called Goo Be Gone that you can use for gooey stickers and other gooey stUfF- ^^

    • She knows about goo gone

  • Lol wait hold up she has a pencil with her charicters on it dont believe me? well 6:08

    • Yeah. It’s her product new blood.

  • Is it weird you named your cat drawing Lucy and my name is Lucy and I love cats

    • @KittyCat Lucy Minecraft cats

    • I do love cats I have 57 cats stuffy’s probably more

  • If she thinks painting a gumball machine is hard she needs to needs to try Drawling on a puzzle Because that’s even harder.

    • Oh haha watch her paint a Rubix cube

  • It turned out so cute!!!

  • Who tink’s that she is almost Bob Ross cuz she is good idk how to draw perfect circle lol

    • She doesn’t have Ross’s art style. She likes cute animals, foods and rainbow colors. Bob likes painting low-key relaxing landscapes.

  • Can I have it I love bubble gum

  • Indigo is part of the rainbow.

  • Can you send out ploshies

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  • 2:11 I actually dont know what those are called I just been calling them a paperclip, what're those called ? She using to open the lid

  • asmr

  • I think it’s so funny that all of the characters are doing something different with the bubble gum and I really like that it’s in rainbow order. 🌈

  • And next, a popcorn machine...

  • Moriah:it's the Gesso that never ends Me:NO NOT AGAIN